I am a mixed-methods UX Researcher, who is working to become the needle &thread of UX research.

For me, UXR is the all-purpose tool to connect dots and customize design to meet customer's needs. And I’m driven by my desire for usability, efficiency and satisfaction, diving deep to answer WHY, and translating them into strategies and designs.


Fundhomes, US
Fintech (B2C), UX Researcher

Premera Blue Cross, US
Health Insurance (B2C), Design Research Intern

Tencent, China
Web Security (B2B), UX Research Intern

Tongcheng Travel, China
Online Travel (B2C), User Research Intern


University of Texas at Austin, US
MS, Information Studies (User Experience)

Zhejiang University, China
BS, Psychology (Applied Psychology)


Handshake, US
Job Search Platform (Web &App), Student UX researcher

Dell Medical School, US
Healthcare Management (App), Student product designer

Central Market, US
Grocery Store (App), Student UX researcher

Alipay, China
Public Transportation (App), Student UX researcher

Tuobaba, China
AR Driving (AR), Student Human factor researcher

My experience has also equipped me with the necessary tools in this position:

User Interview

interviewed 40+ participants

Usability Testing

both moderated and unmoderated
both in-person and remote

Survey Research

analyzed with 2500+ samples in a survey
Competitive Analysis
Heuristic Evaluation
User Journey Map
Contextual Inquiry
Literature Review
Card Sorting

Why UX Researcher?

My undergraduate major, psychology, took me into UX field. The exciting part I like most is the "AHA MOMENT" when digging out the reasons behind people's behavior. That's when I realize I'm not just delivering words from users to clients, but I'm also exploring potentials and making connections to ensure we tackle the underlying concerns.

In the future, I see myself leveraging my research abilities and practical experience to make a significant influence on consumers, industries, and even the UX field.

One of my favorite parts of UX...

Is gathering data from markets, competitors, stakeholders and consumers to identify research goals and prioritize research questions, to make sure the research insights can influence the strategy and direct actionable next steps.

I'm also good at listening and communicating. In my recent project, one of my participants recognized my interview skills by posting on the internal community: "I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the interview I did with her"! (So proud of it!)

Outside of work, you can find me:

Cooking for fun, watching anime & doing cosplay, travelling, making handcrafts......